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   Bira Circuit, established in 1985 by group of enthusiastic renowned people in motorsport, has been the one and only circuit in Thailand that meets the international standard for the approval of motor racing circuit from the FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE (F.I.A.). This allows the international race series to run at Bira Circuit. Those two most prestigious and popular series in asia:- The South East Asia Touring Car Zone Challenge (SEATCZC) has been run at Bira Circuit since 1992 and the Asian Formula 2000 (AF2000) since 1997. For the Thailand Championship series, all events on Bira Circuit race calendar must be granted the approval from the ROYAL AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND (RAAT);- the Thailand’s sanction body of the F.I.A.

   Bira Circuit covers an area of 164 rais (65 acres) situated on State Highway 36 (Pattaya-Rayong), about 20 kilometers from Pattaya City and 120 kilometers from Bangkok. Going on the new Bangkok – Chonburi motorway, all participants can get to Bira Circuit in one and a half hour from Bangkok.

   Bira Circuit has full facilities for arranging all kinds of motorsport events; race meeting, racing school, test run, practice, etc… Since established, Bira Circuit has been involved and served lots of activities in automobile arena and wished to maintain its prompt services for years to come.

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